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Waddup Savi Crew!

Last week, I continued my Character series where I used four more of my own characters—from my Episode story Manhattan Prep—to demonstrate the strength and weaknesses of the 16 different personality types utilising the 16Personalities profiles. If you missed that blog post, feel free to check it out here.

I’ve been having a lot of fun discussing my characters and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about them too. This week, I will be featuring yet another four of my own characters who display four more personality types. Once again, these (and the ones featured next week) will be minor characters. Today’s minor characters: Jada’s equally malicious twin, Simone; Manhattan Prep resident advisor, Finch; quirky Literature teacher, Ms. Yates; and Dario’s stern father, Mr. Kingsley.

As always, a quick disclaimer: The personality profiles listed below were sourced from the official Myers-Briggs Foundation website:

Simone is Jada’s twin sister, her lackey and right hand who goes along with whatever shenanigans Jada has planned. Her mother, Jade is a registered nurse—now retired, her father, Simon is an architect / landscape developer who just won the lottery. Her grim demeanour are menacing to others which she uses to gain the upper hand and help Jada get her way. Apart from her twin though, she is introverted and reserved. Simone is an ISTP.

ISTP (Introverted + Sensing + Thinking + Perceiving) – “Virtuoso” | Virtuosos have a particular difficulty in predicting emotions. | Strengths: Optimistic and energetic; creative and practical; spontaneous and rational; know how to prioritize; great in a crisis; relaxed. | Weaknesses: Stubborn; insensitive; private and reserved; easily bored; dislike commitment; risky behaviour.

Resident Advisor Finch is Manhattan Prep’s student advisory who often multitasks to makes himself feel accomplished. He doesn’t interact with the teenagers on an intimate level because he doesn’t want them to get attached. He’s only seen when students need to transfer dorm rooms or pay housing fees. He does Japanese origami and Hindu yoga meditation in his spare time. R.A. Finch is an ESTJ.

ESTJ (Extroverted + Sensing + Thinking + Judging) – “Executive” | Executives are aware of their surroundings and live in a world of clear, verifiable facts. | Strengths: Dedicated; strong-willed; direct and honest; loyal, patient and reliable; enjoy creating order; excellent organizers. | Weaknesses: Inflexible and stubborn; uncomfortable with unconventional situations; judgemental; too focused on social status; difficult to relax; difficulty expressing emotion.

Ms. Elena Yates is the English Literature teacher who despite her petite frame is quite the stern disciplinarian. Her love of Shakespeare is evident in her clothing and speech. She is the first to notice Kate’s gifted intellectual ability and assigns her to tutor Dario. She advises Kate when she develops feelings for Dario. She comes to Kate’s defense when Jada harasses her because she has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Ms. Yates is an INTJ.

INTJ (Introverted + iNtuitive + Thinking + Judging) – “Architect” | Architects radiate self-confidence and an aura of mystery. | Strengths: Quick, imaginative and strategic mind; High self-confidence; independent and decisive; hard-working and determined; open-minded; Jacks-of-all-trades. | Weaknesses: Arrogant; judgemental; overly analytical; loathe highly structured environments; clueless in romance.

Mr. Dalton Kingsley is Dario’s father who is keen on his only son taking over the family business: a plethora of real estate properties previously held by Dario’s late grandfather, Salvatore. Mr. Kingsley isn’t easy to negotiate with as he doesn’t back down until he gets his way. He treats Dario the way Salvatore treated him—business over everything especially family. Mr. Kingsley is an ENTJ.

ENTJ (Extroverted + iNtuitive + Thinking + Judging) – “Commander” | Commanders are dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. | Strengths: Efficient; energetic; self-confident; strong-willed; strategic thinkers; charismatic and inspiring. | Weaknesses: Stubborn and dominant; intolerant; impatient; arrogant; poor handling of emotions; cold and ruthless.

Be sure to tune in next week where I will be giving examples of final four personality types with the final four characters and highlighting each types’ strengths and weaknesses once again using the 16Personalities profiles (basically Myers-Briggs 2.0).

Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now. And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life! Happy Writing!

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