Cabin Crew Plug // Week 1 | April Camp Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew!

Camp NaNoWriMo has officially begun! I’ve been off to a rough start but I have a really good excuse… my sister just had a baby—my first nephew! So after doting on her precious baby boy, I was primed and ready to focus on my book baby (sorry folks, I couldn’t resist).

I had such great plans to simultaneously draft the first in a YA anime-inspired series while revising and editing the third draft of my debut novel, Life of Gabby: Boyfriend Wanted. Boy, was I ambitious! I must say that, Microsoft Word’s text-to-speech software has been a lifesaver. I recommend aspiring writers utilise this tool and save yourself a couple dollars when submitting your draft to a professional editor. Better for you to find these errors than them!

With regard to my new draft for Camp Nano, it’s been a slow—I’m talking glacial slow—progress to get the story going. At the point of this blog post, day six, I’ve written approximately 5,000 words when I should have been much further along. My hope was to write 50,000 words this round and let it sit for the months of May and June then write the other 50,000 words in Camp Nano July in order to make my 100,000 word count.

I assumed that after having a successful Nano last November, Camp in April would have been a breeze. Of course, my nephew wasn’t around last November so I had more time to invest in my novel draft. No regrets though and no complaints because he is an awesome blessing!

Since Camp has started I’ve changed my plot outline several times and I’m still figuring it out as the days go by. But I’m excited because Camp Nano is a time to take risks, create your own type of goals (for instance committing to hours instead of word count) and challenge your writing.

This draft is definitely a challenge! It has a lot of moving parts and I’ve had to colour code my draft to keep the different storylines straight. In addition, I have an amazing support system: my awesome cabin mates (full of awesome Authortubers) are so motivating and helpful, it inspires me to never give up and pull through each and every day.

Meet my awesome cabin crew and please check out their channels:

Kate Cavanaugh:
Haley Bascom:
Silvia Kay:
RowanTree Editing:
Becca C Smith:
Letters From A Christian:
Diane Verrochi:
Annie North:
Tabitha Soden:
Heidi Epp:
Jessica Reads and Writes:
Hannah The Writer:
Heather Hunter:

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life!
Happy Writing!

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