Bloodline: Association

Akira Hashimoto hopes adventure will spice up her dreary existence. But her uber-strict parents won’t let her do anything: the Ketsueki ambassador obsessed with losing power to his mortal enemy, and his dutiful housewife secretly training Akira in their weapon-based ways. And her brother can’t offer support from a thousand miles away.

You see, Akira sucks at being a Samurai—a Pink Blood anomaly—most have mastered the sword before they could crawl. And her parents blame peaceful Blue Blood, Ryou Kerazi for the glitch. She awaits her sakusei where magic (and sword skills) should appear. Moreover, her father promised to revoke some of his restrictions, if all goes well.

But teenage freedom and lack of abilities will be the least of her problems. The Dark One, Ketsueki’s notorious White Blood vigilante, plans to crash her sixteenth birthday party with devastating news that could potentially destroy the Hashimoto family…